7 October 2014

Analog Way has released its AW Toolbox, a mobile app designed to control the LiveCore series of presentation mixers.

AW Toolbox inputs
AW Toolbox inputs

The wireless application offers the ability to fine-tune any multi-projector soft edge blend, recall presets and master presets with seamless transitions, and easily configure the processor’s inputs and outputs, all via wi-fi.

“In order to make the operation of our LiveCore mixers even simpler, we’ve deigned AW Toolbox to offer remote control,” explains Analog Way integration and application software director Philippe Vitali. “Through its user-friendly interface, operators can now easily operate their system with a tap or flick of a finger, wherever they are in their show area.”

AW Toolbox is compatible with both Android tablets and Apple’s iPad, and is available on both the Google Play and iOS App stores for around US $20 or AU $25.

The company has also released a series of free iOS and Windows-compatible user-support tools, available as downloads on the company’s website:

AW Gateway
Allows up to five simultaneous connections to one single Analog Way switcher that does not natively support multiple controllers

AW Screen Frame Cutter
Designed for soft edge blending applications, this tool helps split any wide screen image into multiple still backgrounds, including overlaps.

AW EDID Editor
Allows users to create and edit any standard EDID files to ensure optimal compatibility between sources and display systems.


Source: media release

Analog Way: www.analogway.com


AW Toolbox on Google Play
AW Toolbox on iOS App Store
AW Gateway
AW Screen Frame Cutter
AW EDID Editor



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