3 December 2013

AnalogWay QuickVu for website


Analog Way has introduced QuickVu, a new Mixer/Seamless Switcher with 3 Scalers. QuickVu is based on Analog Way’s new MidraTM platform, the core of a brand new line of mid-range Mixers / Seamless Switchers. The MidraTM platform consists of 6 products: QuickVu, QuickMatriX, SmartMatriX², Pulse², Saphyr and Eikos². The QuickVu offers a large variety of connectivity, through 8 seamless inputs and 14 source plugs: 4 x Universal Analogue, 4 x DVI-D, 4 x HDMI and 2 x 3G-SDI plugs. Using CleanCut, the QuickVu can seamlessly switch between any of its 14 input plugs without fade through black or loss of sync. EDID management is now standard for inputs 1 through 6 for computer sources. To fit any display resolution, including non-standard formats like LED walls and rear-projection cubes, QuickVu offers custom output format management, with a main layer fully resizable and that can be positioned anywhere. QuickVu can be controlled through the RCS² graphic interface or the RK-350 Keypad and the upcoming Orchestra Remote Console.

Axis AV: (03) 9752 2955 or axisav.com.au


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