10 June 2014

Ascender48 for web

Analog Way has unveiled a new feature developed for the Ascender 48: real-time perspective layers. Compatible with computer and video sources, this feature allows creation and animation of layers with a virtual viewing perspective in real time when creating presentations. The perspective layers can support the same seamless transition effects as any other layer. Using the Preview/Monitoring output of the Ascender 48, the operator can display the perspective layers in real time in order to see and arrange all layers and presets as wanted. Creation and management of the perspective layers can be managed without limitation directly from the Ascender 48’s Web RCS, a user-friendly interface designed to fully prepare a show and control it live. Equipped with 48 scalers, the Ascender 48 is a 12×4+1 Multi-screen Seamless Switcher offering Mixer, Hybrid, Hard Edge and Soft Edge configurations to fit any application.

Australian Distributor: Axis AV (03) 9752 2955 or axisav.com.au


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