19 September 2013

Zylight F8

Zylight has developed the new F8 LED Fresnel. Available in tungsten (3200K) or daylight (5600K) versions, the compact F8 folds flat for easy transport and storage. With a CRI of 97 or better, the fully dimmable F8 offers an adjustable beam spread (16-70 degrees) and maintains single shadow traditional Fresnel beam shaping through an eight-inch (200mm) SCHOTT glass lens with a patented focusing system for spot and flood operations. The F8’s LED engine with quantum dot technology provides a cooler, more energy efficient light than traditional Fresnel instruments, drawing only 100 watts to provide the light output of a traditional 1000-watt Fresnel. It is also water resistant (IP54) and can be powered by a worldwide AC adapter or standard 14.4V camera battery.  The F8 is also equipped with ZyLink wireless technology for remote control, or the F8 can also be controlled via DMX. The F8 ships with barn doors and yoke mount.

Australian Distributor: John Barry Group (02) 9355 2300 or www.johnbarry.com.au


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