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21 November 2013

Barco Galaxy 4K - FotoHans


Barco has introduced its enhanced Galaxy 4K projector range, designed for higher stereo resolution in virtual reality applications. Capable of showing content with 4K resolution in both mono and stereo up to 120 Hz, the Galaxy 4K range promises excellent response times for any user interaction. Barco’s Galaxy 4K series consists of three models – Galaxy 4K-12, 4K-23 and 4K-32 – with light output of 12,000 lumens, 23,000 lumens, and 32,000 lumens, respectively. The projectors have been significantly enhanced to respond more quickly to user interactions via tracking systems or haptic devices. In addition, stereo content can now be visualized at full native 4K resolution (instead of reverting to 2K resolution). Using the new DisplayPort 1.2 inputs, the color accuracy has been increased from 8bit/color to 12bit/color depth and an upgrade to the MCM-400 high-quality warping and blending processor provides support for 4K resolution at higher frame rates and color depth, allowing systems of multiple Galaxy 4K projectors. Availability will be the first quarter of 2014.

Australian Distributor: Barco (03) 9646 5833 or sales.au@barco.com


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