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8 April 2014

Abtus PWR-DA09C


The ABtUS PWR-DA09C/P is a Sequenced Output Power Conditioner distribution unit offering protection to any rack-mounted equipment. It’s capable of a sequenced power-up of a complete power audio system from just a single push of a switch, eliminating potential damage to speakers and other equipments connected. The delay time between each unit being turned on is variable and programmable. The PWR-DA09C/P also features an EMI filter which suppresses RF and other AC line noises, ensuring a quieter operation of units plugged in. The Line Voltage sensor monitors the incoming voltage from 185~265VAC, assuring the AC voltage is in a safe operating range for the connected equipment. Its 12VDC BNC outlet also allows power for a LED light/Lamp that can provide a light source for all the equipment in your rack.

Australian Distributor: Screencom 03 97946102 or www.screencom.net.au




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