10 December 2014

ARX Systems has released an externally controlled stereo input signal switcher, for use in emergency warning and intercoms systems, console switching, and remote control of signal sources in broadcast applications.


ARX's Remote Switcher
ARX’s Remote Switcher

“We developed the Remote Switcher in response to requests from integrators and installers for a unit allowing remote and external switching selection between two line level audio sources,” says ARX managing director Colin Park. “EWIS (Emergency Warning and Intercommunications System) is becoming mandatory for most new and upgraded commercial buildings and public spaces, and our Remote Switcher is a cost effective solution for noiseless and instantaneous switching between normal audio program and EWIS emergency announcements.

“Other applications include remote switching between FOH or monitor consoles, main and DJ consoles when one main loudspeaker system is being used, and also remote broadcast signal source and transmitter switching.”

The Remote Switcher silently switches between two pairs of A or B female XLR inputs to a stereo pair of XLR male output connectors, and ARX’s SoftSwitch technology achieves this without any loud bangs through the audio system. Input channel control can be selected either by remote switch/relay closure using an external power pack or wall wart, or by 12 to 24VDC supplied from an EWIS or similar panel.


Source: media release


ARX: www.arx.com.au

Australian distribution
The Resource Corp: (03) 9874 5988 or www.trc.com.au


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