9 February 2015

JBL’s new Intellivox 380 series fills the gap between its 280 and 430 line-ups, delivering an array with an acoustic length of around 3m.

Designed to offer precise control, complex room coverage capabilities and pinpoint steerability, the new series suits applications where intelligibility and accuracy are critical.

The flagship model in the range is the DSX380 with room-moulding DDS Beam Shaping. This technology moulds the coverage to match the requirements of rooms that have multi-faceted listening planes, while providing consistent SPL and frequency response throughout the listening space. The DS380 model also features DDS Beam Shaping, with a longer acoustic array length.

The DC380 offers parametric DDC Beam Steering technology for speech applications in rooms with a less complex listening plane. Both the opening and aiming angles are adjustable in fine 0.1° increments, the highest aiming resolution available according to JBL, allowing the speakers to meet the exact aiming and coverage requirements of the space.

Typical throw distance for the 380 series models is 45m, with very low idle power consumption at 0.5A @ 115V. The units include a 16-channel amp/DSP module and eight presets that can be recalled and/or locked for security. Each speaker has two inputs each with a 4-band parametric EQ, volume control and delay. Output processing includes an 8-band parametric EQ, volume control and delay. An ambient noise-sensing microphone and control software are built-in, as are redundant internal monitoring features. The range is especially thin and unobtrusive, and can easily be recessed into walls.


Source: media release


JBL Professional: www.jblpro.com

Australian distribution
Jands: (02) 9582 0909 or www.jands.com.au



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