9 February 2015

Avolites’ new V8 software runs on the Ai range of media servers and includes an Autoblend feature that allows blending of large projection surfaces using multiple projectors.

Avolites Ai Infinity server
Avolites Ai Infinity server

A new Surface Modelling page for the creation of editable 3D sets has also been added and hugely improves performance, with render engine optimisation offering 50 per cent increased video throughput. Compositing high-resolution background layers with low-resolution foreground layers is also much improved.

“We are incredibly excited by the increased functionality of Ai version 8,” says Avolites managing director Steve Warren. “Word of mouth has been spreading like wildfire through our visual community of the revolutionary camera blend, easy LED mapping and 3D modelling and visualisation capabilities of V8. The new and simplified Ai user interface has brought a stampede of new users to Ai.”

Avolites' new Quartz console
Avolites’ new Quartz console


Avolites’ small but powerful Quartz lighting console, running Titan V8, has also made its European debut at ISE. Measuring 42.5cm wide and weighing 8kg, the compact touring console comes complete with on-board processing and a bright12.1-inch screen.


Source: media release


Avolites: www.avolites.com

Australian distribution
ULA Group: (07) 5509 4633 or www.ula.com.au


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