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25 August 2014

Axis Audio Visual – Integrate Stand F84


First launched at InfoComm and on show at Integrate 2014, SVSi’s N-Touch Wall Controllers are stand-alone, dual-gang IP controllers that send commands to multiple IP clients with the push of a button. When used with SVSI encoders and decoders, they offer a complete and inexpensive video delivery system.

N-Touch is available in two models, each with nine tactile buttons and a display. The N8301 has a 3.5-inch 240×320 display for showing button labels and custom splash screens, while the N8302 has a capacitive 3.5-inch touch-screen with soft-button capability as well as wi-fi and Blutooth for expanding control to mobile devices. Programming is achieved individually through the built-in web-server or via an N-Command N8000-series controller to multiple devices. Multi-page custom graphics are created using SVSi’s free Panel Builder software, stored internally, and launched at start-up or at the push of a button.

“This application allows users to manage an SVSi system and any other IP-addressable device from a single, customisable, and low-cost panel,” says SVSi director of international sales, Bob Sharp. “The N-Touch Controller has physical buttons to perform unique and specific commands in addition to a customisable display. The low acquisition cost allows use for simple tasks like room occupancy notification or as local back-up to a sophisticated networked controller.”

The non-proprietary controllers offer a low-cost option for customers to have secure access to devices on their network, such as teleconferencing CODECs, lighting, and sound systems. Unlike wireless controllers, the N-Touch is still in command even when wireless access is compromised.


  • One controller for all devices
  • Low cost of installation
  • Low-voltage cable
  • Multiple commands sent to multiple TCP/IP clients
  • Robust Power of Ethernet (PoE) reliability and redundancy

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