18 June 2015


Harman International has announced it has acquired SVSi and will be marketing the networked AV range under its AMX brand as ‘AMX SVSI Networked AV Solutions’.

“Harman was early to recognise the emergence and potential of AV over IP,” says Harman Professional president Blake Augsburger. “For more than six years we have been steadily introducing new products to serve growing customer demand for IP-based products. With the acquisition of SVSi, we will accelerate our development plan with the addition of extraordinary expertise from the SVSi team.”

“As an independent company, SVSi has enjoyed tremendous success and acceptance of our networked AV solutions,” adds SVSi president and founder Andy Whitehead. “Our products have been recognised with numerous industry awards and, more importantly, been adopted by a wide number and variety of leading organizations in the entertainment, government, education, and corporate sectors. By joining forces with Harman, we can deliver the benefits of our solutions to more customers, faster than we could do on our own.”


Two new releases in the extensive SVSi product family launched at InfoComm are the eight-model SVSI N1000 AV over IP encoder and decoder series, delivering visually lossless HD with near-zero latency, and an H.264 windowing processor with support for nine sources in a single viewing window over a standard data network.

“The SVSI IP-based products are unique in that they include a variety of ways to ensure optimal video and audio is delivered over any network segment or link – whether a managed local-area network, fiber uplink, or low bit-rate internet connection,” the company says. “These networked AV products can be deployed on an existing enterprise network or private network to offload traffic. The SVSI product family offers multiple options to control video and audio routing and end-point device control via IR, serial, switch closure, or TCP/IP.”



AMX: www.amx.com/svsi

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