26 February 2015

Onelan’s NTB-4K-1000-P/NTB-4K-2000-P Net-Top-Box models have been recognised as Crestron 4K Certified devices.

crestron 4K

This makes Onelan the only manufacturer with two certified source devices among the growing Crestron list. The certification programme ensures compatibility with Crestron’s 4K distribution systems, and acknowledges the quality and reliability of playback delivered by the NTB models: “Our engineers in the DigitalMedia Lab have taken the industry lead, rigorously testing 4K sources and displays to ensure they’ll work in a distributed system powered by DM,” Crestron states.

UK-based Onelan develops network appliances for standalone and end-to-end digital signage network solutions. Its NTB models are multimedia, multi-zoned solutions capable of touch interactivity. With a browser-based user interface, the systems are fully multi-lingual and capable of displaying both stored media and live media such as RSS feeds, web pages, broadcast TV or locally streamed video. The NTBs have been installed in retail, schools and hospitals as well as corporates including such as UK telco TalkTalk, The Financial Times and Virgin.


Source: media release


Onelan: www.onelan.com

Crestron: www.crestron.com

Crestron 4K Certified Devices here



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