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21 November 2013

LSC APS web image


LSC has released its new intelligent power distribution unit called APS (Advanced Power System). APS has been designed to remove the problems common with modern switch-mode power supplies, often resulting in breaker trips. For portable or permanent installation, APS solves these issues by controlled application of power to its output circuits. APS also offers power monitoring of voltage and current and frequency which can be displayed both locally and remotely. Control is via the detection of any DMX512 signal, manually via the front panel LCD or remotely via RDM or external dry-contact closure. Voltage limits can be set on each phase to protect equipment and program a staggered startup across multiple units. APS is available in 12x10A, 12x13A, 12x16A or 6x20A configurations with a choice of Australian GPO, Socapex, Wieland, Powercon, Shuko or Terminal outputs. Each circuit is protected by an MCB/RCD combination circuit breaker (RCBO), with Neutral disconnect to provide a high level of safety.

Australian Distributor: LSC Light Systems (03) 9702 8000 or www.lsclighting.com



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