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Utelogy to Highlight its Future Vision at ISE

Utelogy’s booth will showcase platform updates, product enhancements, software integrations, and new partnerships.


18 January 2024

Utelogy Corporation is highlighting its future vision for reshaping the AV/UC, IoT, and smart workspace management landscapes at the 2024 ISE Show, Stand 2U550, Hall 2.

Utelogy’s booth will showcase platform updates, product enhancements, software integrations, and new partnerships – illustrating a comprehensive strategy grounded in smart, software-only solutions, and leveraging advanced analytics and integrations to streamline energy and resource management of Global Sustainability for the Modern Workspace.

Diving into the Smart Workplace: Utelogy’s Philosophy

As the concept of the smart connected workspace becomes increasingly integral to business infrastructure, Utelogy is at the forefront, steering the revolution with its innovative solutions. At ISE 2024, we’re showcasing how our smart technology not only adapts to different environments but also empowers them—transforming traditional workspaces into intelligent hubs that respond to user needs and optimize operations in real-time. This advancement is about more than just connectivity; it’s about creating an ecosystem where technology helps to anticipate needs, simplifies workflows, and support the delivery of a more harmonious and productive user experience. Utelogy’s platform is pivotal in this transformation, offering a robust management toolset for the smart connected workspaces that are defining the future of work.

Kevin Morrison, Utelogy’s CEO, shares his vision: “Crafting connected AV environments crucial for global growth and success doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. It demands continuous industry collaboration and an understanding of our customer’s needs for efficient operations. This philosophy is fundamental to Utelogy’s platforms and is a cornerstone of our success.”

Morrison further remarks, “By delivering intelligent solutions that enhance user experiences through advanced insights and analytics, Utelogy is catering to the demands of a technologically interconnected global workspace. ISE attendees will get a clear view of Utelogy’s commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs of AV and IT professionals with intuitive, cost-effective management tools.”

Utelogy’s approach not only slashes total ownership costs but also delivers valuable and actionable analytics and insights.

New Features and Showcases at ISE 2024

At ISE 2024, Utelogy is set to unveil significant upgrades to its platform, spotlighting architectural refinements and feature enhancements aimed at promoting meeting equity, improving usability, and boosting efficiency.

A standout at ISE 2024 will be Utelogy’s integration with ServiceNow, which brings a new level of efficiency to alert management by seamlessly automating workflows and incident creation within ServiceNow’s ITSM suite and our customers Service Management environment. This advancement leverages Utelogy’s comprehensive data insights, streamlined through a new plugin in the ServiceNow marketplace, simplifying setup and customization of alerts via U-Manage.

Moreover, the event will spotlight the evolution of the Utelligence Alliance program – an initiative that helps to bring all the world’s leading manufacturers into the Utelogy platform. Anticipate interactive demonstrations and advanced functionalities, thanks to partnerships with leading industry manufacturers like MTR Cloud, Zoom Cloud, Barco, Logitech, Lightware, Poly Lens, NEAT Pulse, Gude, NETGEAR, Samsung, Sharp/NEC, Sennheiser, Yealink and more.

In addition, Utelogy will offer a glimpse into the future of technology with previews of enhanced eco-friendly initiatives, smart alert systems, progressive automation, upcoming integrations, and more. These forward-thinking concepts are all powered by a revamped infrastructure, ensuring an enhanced user experience that sets the stage for the next wave of smart workplace management.

The Utelogy advantage is providing a unique and agnostic, cloud-centric software-based Management and Monitoring platform that supports both regional and global enterprise deployments at scale. Utelogy takes pride in adapting to the voice of the customer within an ever-expanding market and using cutting-edge technology to our advantage. By leveraging the combined decades of industry expertise, Utelogy is able to help our customers deliver a first-class experience by ensuring the connected estate is functioning as expected all while saving customers valuable time, money, and resources.

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