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KScape on Track with RAIL S

KSCAPE introduces RAIL S Track to the market.


18 January 2024

At ISE 2024, KSCAPE will celebrate five years of pioneering merging technologies with its innovative professional lighting and audio product: RAIL. The brand, which is part of the wider K-array group, has announced the launch of RAIL S, a family of alternative solutions designed to complement and enhance the brilliance that RAIL has brought to the market so far. As part of this announcement, KSCAPE introduces RAIL S Track to the market, which aims to seamlessly blend lighting and integrated professional sound within a traditional track system.

With a 1.2-metre design, this linear architectural lighting system combines projectors, changeable optics and other striking lighting options with professional audio powered by K-array. Encompassed within one device, RAIL S products enable the integration of professional audio and lighting technology without the risk of compromising aesthetics or interfering with an architect’s designs.

“The concept of RAIL S was born out of the increasing demand for all-in-one lighting and audio solutions,” explains Tom Ríby, Global Marketing Manager at KSCAPE. “RAIL S Track not only caters for niche markets such as retail and hospitality but is also equally valuable in healthcare or workplace environments. While it offers a different audio experience to traditional RAIL products, it is more versatile and scalable in comparison to the original.”

Recent installations of RAIL in corporate workplaces, such as the new offices of leading US-based distributor, Pavion, Armstrong Ceilings HQ in Pennsylvania, the Cleveland Museum and the corporate offices of JLL Singapore, part of the most significant Platinum WELL-certified buildings globally, Capita Springs, are a testament to the effectiveness of the technology. RAIL S is more compact, which helps to simplify installation and make its specification appropriate in a wider range of spaces. On the other hand, optional ‘plug-in’ accessories enable highly customisable lighting, including a variety of projectors and spotlights. Finally, the ability to power RAIL S products with a 48V industry-standard power supply is useful in several established markets.

“RAIL S takes the best of RAIL technology and fits it into a more compact form factor for easy installation and the possibility to scale at large,” continues Ríby. “RAIL S incorporates K-array’s ultra-compact Lyzard KZ1 loudspeakers to deliver professional-grade point source audio with 140° x 140° coverage along with high-clarity CASAMBI-controlled tunable lighting, but with added features that will extend the use of RAIL to new markets.”

KSCAPE and K-array invite attendees to booth 7F300 to celebrate the launch of RAIL S Track and KSCAPE’s 5th birthday with a glass of prosecco. RAIL will also be shown on a dedicated booth in the Residential and Smart Building section at ISE 2024 (2J200) and on control system partner Lutron’s booth (2J350).

The ISE launch will be followed by a brand launch at the Light & Building Show in Frankfurt on 3rd – 8th March 2024. Further product iterations including Optic and DARKLIGHT versions, are already in the pipeline.

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