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Experience a Dedicated Sound Room for K-array

K-array will be "turning up the volume" in LA this year.


22 May 2024

K-array, the Italian manufacturer of professional audio solutions, will return to InfoComm this year in Las Vegas. The K-array group, which encompasses the brands of K-array, KGEAR and KSCAPE will be represented by the K-array USA team at the show. This year, the addition of a dedicated K-array sound room, running in parallel to the existing on-booth demo room, will allow visitors to experience the brand’s larger installation solutions and those for live events.

“We’re excited to turn up the volume at this year’s InfoComm and allow the public to experience a great range of products from across the K-array ecosystem,” says Rusty Waite, President of K-array USA. “It’s been a few years since we had a larger sound room separate from the booth at the show, so we’re looking forward to guiding the demos and highlighting some of the larger K-array products whilst receiving real-time feedback from listeners.”

With around 15 different products on demonstration in the sound room, visitors can expect a full immersion into K-array’s solutions for live events and fixed installation, and the opportunity to experience the K-array ecosystem in action. Meanwhile, the smaller on-booth demo space will highlight K-array’s innovative solutions for the corporate and hospitality market, including RAIL from KSCAPE and K-array’s incredible Lyzard series of micro-loudspeakers.

A key highlight of this year’s show will be K-array’s Electronic Beam Steering (EBS) products, including the new Kayman-KY102-EBS. A stainless-steel line array element with eight four-inch drivers, the EBS version of the Kayman is the embodiment of precision and power thanks to its capabilities of Electronic Beam Steering, achieved via FIR processing on eight independent channels of K-array’s Kommander EBS amplifiers.

The Kommander range of amplifiers will also be in the spotlight. K-array’s latest native software tools include K-Framework3, K-Monitor, K-Control and the K-Connect app. “Our focus on software tools at InfoComm this year is aimed at empowering systems integrators and AV professionals,” says Waite. “System design, monitoring and control can all be managed through the K-array software suite, further strengthening the breadth of our product ecosystem.”

Finally, the newly launched GH8 from KGEAR, which utilizes Slim Array Technology (SAT) to provide the best possible sound linearity and directivity, will be another focal point. Building upon the success of the GH4, which will also be present in the demo room, the GH8 offers even higher SPL performance in a relatively small enclosure.

“Having a dedicated demo spaces is crucial for showcasing just how incredible this built-in technology is,” continues Waite. “A real-life listening experience beats product datasheets any day, and demonstrating the power of multiple K-array solutions working together as a complete audio ecosystem is important to us.”
InfoComm 2024 visitors can meet the K-array team and visit the on-booth demo space in the Central Hall at booth C9447 from June 12th to 14th. Demonstrations of the brand’s larger sound solutions can be enjoyed in demo room N206. 1-hour demos will take place at 09:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00 from Wednesday to Friday inclusive.

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