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New Zealand odyssey for 10,000 Chinese to Amway Conference

L-Acoustics L2D Loudspeakers were a key component in a massive event.


19 December 2023

A thrilling once-in-a-lifetime experience for 10,000 Chinese visitors has set a new industry benchmark in event delivery including a top-line PA system that has never been used in the ANZPAC region before.

The massive delegation was flown to New Zealand in 12 waves over two months from 9 October to 5 December for the 2023 Amway China Leadership Seminar, produced by Encore Event Technologies APAC.

The Amway Diamond top performers were treated to an extensive program of events and excursions that rewarded exceptional performance and elevated brand allegiance whilst enjoying the incredible sights and adventures New Zealand has to offer.

The event highlight was a stunning final gala night dinner which was staged 15 times throughout the period to visitor groups of approximately 600 per event. Held at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland and Queenstown Ice Arena the galas, which took a year to plan, treated guests to a spectacular night full of technological wizardry.

Using the L-Acoustics L2D Loudspeakers as a key component, Encore is the only company is the APAC region to have used the new speakers outside of the global pilot program.

“These aren’t your everyday speakers, they’re arguably one of the finest on the market,” said Encore’s Director of Innovation and Technology, Daniel Lourenco. “We flew the speakers in from France, which was no easy feat, however it was worth it to produce something incredible. These speakers reduce the amount of set up time and give greater horizontal dispersion at the front of the stage resulting in a sound quality that frankly gives you goosebumps.”

The superscale events which took up more than 6,000 work hours included 155sqm LED screens, fifteen 20K projectors, 80 table projectors, eight curved screen projectors, four floor projectors, six semi-trailers hauling equipment and even an ice rink. More than 600 hours of custom motion design content was created across the two locations.

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Issue 26