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AMX AV Solutions Merges Old & New Technology At ACI Informatica

Controllers, encoders & decoders to update the Rome-based IT company’s conference room.


5 April 2023

Providing ACI Informatica with a versatile and future-proofed auditorium suitable for a variety of events, integrator NADA 2008 and distributor Intermark Sistemi developed an AV-over-IP network system powered by AMX Solutions.

A branch of the Automobile Club of Italy, ACI Informatica specialises in IT-based management and implementation for large-scale, vehicle-related public administrative projects. With an on-site 16,000 square-foot server farm capable of high-bandwidth data management and processing, the company has helmed country-wide projects including the Public Vehicle Register and vehicle tax collection systems.

As part of their mission to apply the latest technology to their work and services, ACI Informatica wished to transform their auditorium into a modern event space powered by the latest AV technology. With this goal in mind, NADA 2008 and Intermark Sistemi selected and installed AMX controllers, encoders and decoders that perfectly balanced innovation and accessibility for the contemporary workplace.

Along with revitalising the auditorium, ACI Informatica also hoped to integrate elements from the old setup that were still useable, such as the sound system and microphones, and therefore wanted a management system with the compatibility for both old and new technology. The AMX Netlinx NX-2200 integrated controller proved to be the natural choice thanks to its backward compatibility and support of both analog and digital formats. Along with its high performance and flexibility, the NX-2200 NX also guarantees secure in-network communication and monitoring thanks to its NX Master Security firmware, Dual NIC ports and IPv6 support. For increased ease-of-use, AMX Modero G5 Series touch panels offer presenters or moderators with responsive and intuitive AV controls.

Finally, eight AMX NMX-ENC-N2412A encoders and four NMX-DEC-N2424A decoders provide the auditorium with high-bandwidth, low-latency AV-over-IP distribution. With 4K60 4:4:4 and HDR support, the N2400 Series ensures video and audio distribution throughout the space at maximum quality, while features such as Active Directory integration and 802.1X support provide reliable network security.

In addition to the AMX solutions, the space now sports a 138-inch LED video wall, motorised PTZ cameras and a multi-channel recording and streaming system. As a result of these installations, the ACI Informatica auditorium is now an optimal venue for both in-person collaboration and remote communication, with ample potential for future system upgrades or network expansion.

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