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18 February 2016

tdc ob vehicle 2_rs

Technical Direction Company (TDC) announces the completion of its first  multi-purpose mobile outside broadcast vehicle offering full HD broadcast and production facilities.

“For the past 35 years we have been a pioneer in entertainment technology solutions and we know what works for live audiences, on stage as well as on camera. We have integrated camera systems into projects for many years so it was a natural progression to extend our existing flypack solutions to the new HD01 outside broadcast vehicle.” says Michael Hassett, CEO at TDC.

In collaboration with TDC, the teams from Sony Professional Solutions Asia Pacific, Imagine Communications, Riedel, Fujinon, Miller, and Yamaha have assisted to produce TDC HD01, a fully customised ridged facility that has a focus on functionality and comfort.

tdc ob vehicle_rs

A full complement of HD multi-format production equipment includes a 256×256 Platinum router with built-in multiviewers from Imagine Communications. TDC HD01 uses Riedel communications equipment and the truck is wired to support the latest EVS systems (both eight- and 12-channel). Utilising Dante audio networking and routing, main mixing is performed by the Yamaha CL5, with the Yamaha QL1 serving as sub-mix and backup.

The Sony 3ME MVS-6530 vision switcher is at the core of the truck, with Sony also providing OLED monitors throughout. With a full range of Fujinon lenses, and tripod support from Miller, the HDC-1700 cameras, and 4K/Super Slomo HDC-4300 cameras are well complimented. TDC HD01 can also incorporate a range of triax, wireless, PTZ, and specialty cameras, providing versatility for essential production demands.

TDC HD01 is extremely flexible with the highest attention paid to resilience and redundancy. The rigid format will fit into spaces where ‘expando’ vehicles cannot. It is designed to maximise its internal space where operational work space is key.

“Ensuring TDC is at the forefront of delivering new technologies to the market is a major focus, and TDC HD01 does just that,” says Michael Hassett.

More Info:
Technical Direction Company: www.tdc.com.au


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