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29 May 2014

Barco Galaxy 4K - FotoHans

Barco has introduced its new Infitec Excellence technology on its stereoscopic projectors. This partnership with Infitec Gmbh, specifically for the VR market, delivers a 40% increase in brightness and improved colour performance for Barco’s range of stereoscopic VR projectors. Normally, 3D stereoscopic images suffer from loss of brightness and slight colour inaccuracies. The new Infitec Excellence technology overcomes these imperfections by increasing the light output and further improving image quality. As a pioneer in VR 3D stereo projection, Barco worked with Infitec in Germany to perfect the technology. Barco is now the first manufacturer to introduce the technology, applying it to its new Galaxy 4K and Galaxy NW7/NW12 range of Xenon-based 3-chip DLP projectors. The new Infitec Excellence 4-band filters technology is a further refinement to the existing Active Infitec stereo. Infitec Excellence will be available in the Galaxy 4K HFR and the (WUXGA) Galaxy NW-7 and NW-12 EX series as of May 2014.

Australian Distributor: Barco (03) 9646 5833 or sales.au@barco.com


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