11 March 2014

Camera Corps Q3 for web


Camera Corps new Q3 camera, compared to the original Q-Ball, incorporates double the zoom power, a higher specification camera and expanded feature set. It is compatible with multiple serial data formats. Using an integral 3 gigabits per second slip-ring, Q3 can perform an unlimited number of 360 degree lateral rotations. Pan and tilt speed are adjustable from an ultra-slow 360 degrees in 90 minutes to 90 degrees per second. All pan/tilt/zoom/focus parameters can be stored to internal non-volatile memory for fast recall. Motion control sequences of up to 25 seconds duration can be stored too. Q3 is compatible with all high-definition and intermediate-definition video formats currently in common use. A concurrent PAL/NTSC output is available. Camera alignment features include gamma correction, white balance, 16-step edge enhancement and a 2 second to 1/10,000 second shutter. An optional optical-interface provides data control, genlock and 3 gigabits per second video over a pair of single-mode fibers. Q3 retains Q-Ball’s rigging system with just a single cable to the head.



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