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20 January 2015

Chauvet has added the multi-use RH1 Hybrid to its popular Rogue series of moving heads. The model combines a powerful beam and spot effect in the one unit, and produces a tight beam angle of 1° to 4.5° in beam mode and a zoom angle of 5° to 19° in spot mode for an array of beam size options.

Rogue-R1-Hybrid1 small

The new Rogue emits a brilliant 111,000 lux at 15m thanks to its 330W 8000K Osram Sirius lamp, giving it the brawn to light up large concert tours while being equally well suited to small and mid-sized productions, events and installations of all sizes.

The fixture’s palette of visual effects includes two prisms – a 5-facet and 8-facet – that are independently controllable and can be overlapped to add depth and layers, and a Frost feature that can be layered with the 8-facet prism to morph into a distinct and dramatic opaque look, and further adds the versatility of a wash effect. It is equipped with two gobo wheels, one rotating and one static, for dynamic image projection and morphing, as well as a separate colour wheel with 13 vibrant hues.

With its hybrid beam/spot functionality, Chauvet product manager Michael Graham describes the new model as a “Rogue on steroids”.

“If the Chauvet’s Rogue Series was a game changer, then the Rogue RH1 Hybrid is a league changer,” he says. “It’s in a league by itself. There’s no other moving head on the market like it, when you consider the design versatility of its hybrid beam/spot capabilities, combined with its ultra-bright output, unique feature set and value-driven price.

“For instance, the Rogue RH1 Hybrid’s overlapping 5-facet and 8-facet prism effects are totally electrifying, but you won’t find this feature on any other moving head that can even be discussed in the same breath. The Rogue RH1 Hybrid is a powerhouse multi-functional fixture that will give any lighting designer the tool they’ve been waiting for to help them break through new creative boundaries in their productions.”

The model is controllable via standard DMX, is equipped with 3-pin and 5-pin connectors, and offers 25- or 30-channel DMX profiles to provide programming versatility. It’s compact form measures 409 x 327 x 638mm and includes two quarter-turn Omega mounting brackets that match those on Chauvet’s Rogue and Legend series products.


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