17 June 2015

Renkus-Heinz Iconyx Gen5
Renkus-Heinz Iconyx Gen5



In 2005 Renkus-Heinz introduced the first Iconyx digitally steerable line array. Now more than a decade later, the company has launched Iconyx Gen5, integrating advanced beam steering algorithms with the intuitive control of its new RHAON II System Designer software.

Introduced in both Iconyx and IC Live Install series products, Gen5 incorporates new UniBeam Technology for dramatically more uniform coverage, increased output, and faster setup and deployment. Unlike conventional point-source loudspeakers where achieving optimal coverage is a trade-off between distance and accuracy, UniBeam makes it possible to achieve ideal ‘Half Horn’ coverage, using Iconyx digital beam steering to shape the coverage pattern. UniBeam delivers faster, easier setup with dramatically better results, the company says.

Gen5 also offers new configurations for easier and more cost effective installation, including new Master and Slave modules, as well as the new IC16-8-RN hybrid column, designed to extend length and LF beam control while using a single, economical eight-channel amplifier.

Also new is the completely redesigned RHAON II networking software. With an intuitive, device-centric UI, streamlined workflow and more than 200 per cent faster operation. RHAON II makes faster and more intuitive setup a reality even for the most challenging projects.

RHAON II System Manager has been redesigned from the ground up using highly structured modular code for greater stability and expandability. The result is a more robust technology, the company claims – it’s faster and more reliable, with a streamlined, intuitive workflow. It’s easy to programme and use, and fully compatible with both Gen5 and legacy Renkus-Heinz products.

“People always say you have to choose two out of three – better, faster, or cheaper,” says sales and marketing VP Rik Kirby. “But with Gen5 and RHAON II, we’ve managed to achieve them all. Iconyx Gen5 delivers better output with increased control, faster operation using direct, industry-standard communications, and more economical operation.”

See the Iconyx Gen5, IC Live Gen5, RHAON II and the full line up of Renkus-Heinz technologies at booth 1113, and in Demo Room W204A.



Renkus-Heinz: www.renkus-heinz.com



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