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phoenix audio technologies condor



21 January 2016

phoenix audio technologies condor

Madison Technologies launches the new Condor Microphone Array from Phoenix Audio Technologies. The Condor is an all-in-one audio system that is positioned on top or next to your conferencing monitor and addresses all your audio pickup needs.

Created with the goal of decluttering conference rooms, the Condor can be mounted above or below a monitor, as well as on a wall. It eliminates cumbersome wires and unnecessary devices from your conference table. It is sleek and rugged, made out of strong aluminium, yet non-intrusive. It is simple to install and easy to use.

The Condor Microphone Array uses a multi-microphone array to create audio beams that zoom in and pick up any voice from distances of up to 10 metres. It is equipped with analogue, USB and optical interfaces, so it can easily connect to any video conferencing system, and use any type of loudspeakers, including external sound bars or your screen’s internal speakers.

In addition, the Condor has a built-in SIP phone that can be operated and controlled using a dedicated application that runs on most mobile devices.

Perfect for huddle rooms, conference rooms and educational settings, the Condor does away with messy microphone and speakerphone cabling getting in the way of professional meetings and collaborations.  It’s performance is impressive enough to win Best of Show at Infocomm 2015 where the AV Technology Judges said that the Condor is “a perfect solution for the boardroom or other location where conferees don’t want to see the AV equipment.”

The Condor encompasses Phoenix’s latest audio technologies, including direction finding, beamforming, echo and noise cancelling, and adaptive Gain Control. These algorithms provide a high quality, seamless, clutter-free, and extremely economical solution for your conference room.

“With the growing popularity of huddle rooms, our customers face the challenge of having to install complicated, cumbersome, and expensive audio solutions. We developed the Condor so that all of the conferencing solutions, such as the monitor, video conferencing camera, and audio pickup hardware could be positioned in the same location and out of the way,” says Joseph Marash, Phoenix Audio Technologies’ CEO.

“We were able to place the microphone system away from the participants while maintaining high quality audio with the help of our vast experience and sophisticated portfolio of algorithms. The Condor is the perfect solution for huddle rooms, mid-size conference rooms, and rooms equipped with a Smart Board. Upon the release of Microsoft’s Surface Hub, the Condor will also be the optimal accessory for its video conferencing, collaboration, and gaming applications.”

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