extron dtp 4k new models



22 October 2015

extron dtp 4k new models

Extron Electronics introduces three new models to the DTP CrossPoint 4K Series – the DTP CrossPoint 86 4K, DTP CrossPoint 84 4K, and DTP CrossPoint 82 4K featuring 8×6, 8×4, and 8×2 matrix configurations, respectively. The DTP CrossPoint 4K Series delivers the capabilities necessary to design and integrate an advanced AV system in one product. This includes a matrix switcher with 4K inputs and outputs, built-in 4K scalers powered by Extron Vector 4K scaling technology, seamless switching and logo insertion, integrated DTP and XTP signal extension, comprehensive audio DSP and AEC capabilities, a high performance mono or stereo amplifier, and an advanced control processor that is uniquely expandable. The DTP CrossPoint 4K Series simplifies system design and installation, and reduces total cost of ownership.

The DTP CrossPoint 86 4K includes four built-in scalers, while the DTP CrossPoint 84 4K and DTP CrossPoint 82 4K include two built-in scalers. The scalers, powered by Extron Vector 4K scaling technology, are paired to the DTP outputs and enable independent scaling up to 4K. The exclusive Vector 4K scaling engine is specifically designed with superior image upscaling and downscaling, and it embodies a new set of image processing algorithms that deliver high performance with 30-bit precision processing. The DTP twisted pair inputs and outputs provide extraordinary flexibility in distributing AV and control. They can be used to connect to any display with an HDBaseT input, or tie into a centralised, facility-wide XTP System to add local room-based AV systems. Customise any presentation using the professional source transition effects, or insert a custom logo into the foreground of the scaled output video.

The integrated professional-grade audio DSP technology features all of the audio processing tools and capabilities of a fully equipped, professional outboard DSP such as the Extron DMP 128. All DTP CrossPoint 4K models also include four independent channels of high performance AEC for conferencing applications, as well as a unique digital audio expansion port that links the internal DSP to a DMP 128 for expanded I/O capacity. Additionally, the built-in mono or stereo 100W amplifier features the same Extron core technologies found in the renowned ENERGY STAR qualified XTRA Series, delivering high energy efficiency and professional grade audio performance.

DTP CrossPoint 4K IPCP models feature an integrated Extron IP Link Pro control processor, with the advanced features, processing power, and breakthrough technologies found in the standalone Extron IPCP Pro 350 control processor. This allows for complete, customisable control of an entire AV system. DTP CrossPoint 4K IPCP models with LinkLicense allow a tablet or laptop to serve as the primary control interface for the AV system.

More Info:
Extron DTP CrossPoint 4K Series: www.extron.com/dtpcp4kpr
Extron Australia: www.extron.com.au


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