15 December 2014

Kramer has just added two handy new training videos to its YouTube channel.

The first adds to the company’s K-Tech technical support series on common professional AV questions and installation issues with Solving HDMI Distance Problems with Repeaters, demonstrating how an HDMI repeater can help resolve issues relating to pushing an HDMI video signal further than its design.

The second is a product spotlight on the new VP-77x presentation switcher line, with focus on the VP-773AMP ProScale digital scaler/switcher. The video explains how a presentation switcher can simplify connectivity and ensure the best possible image as the heart of an AV system.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 11.12.11 am

Source: media release

Kramer Electronics Ltd: www.kramerelectronics.com
Kramer Electronics Australia: (07) 3806 4290 or www.krameraustralia.com.au


Subscribe to Kramer’s K-TV YouTube channel and access more than 100 training videos here

Video: Solving HDMI Distance Problems with Repeaters here

Video: Feature Benefits of the VP-773AMP ProScale here




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