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New HADA Series Amplifiers

HADA amps can be networked and come in five models.


17 April 2024

Ecler has introduced a new series of networkable amplifiers. The HADA Series features a DSP Manager and is available in five different models.

Class D networkable amplifier with DSP

Ecler Class D networkable amplifiers are synonym of energy efficiency and performance, featuring intuitive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for a user-friendly sound shaping.

Ready to perform in Lo-Z or Hi-Z in Bridge Mode

Enjoy the flexibility of HADA Series featuring four low impedance channels and Bridge mode that has to be selected via software, for one or two high or low impedance outputs.

Make your choice and follow the instructions in the rear panel.

4xGPI remote volume control and External Mute

Complete the remote control capabilities for volume adjustment using Ecler’s WPaVOL wall panel.

HADA DSP Manager Software

The full family feature DSP functionalities configured via Ecler HADA DSP Manager including 10 band parametric EQ, HPF, LPF, multiband compressor acting upon inputs and outputs alike, delay, limiter, and a 4 by 4 mixer matrix to route the signals and saving or loading presets.

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Issue 26