23 December 2015

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Harman’s AMX Massio ControlPads, considered by many as the ideal control interface for a variety of applications, are reaffirming their place at the heart of the perfect meeting with the introduction of new NetLinx programming capability. The innovative, range of cost-effective control solutions now affords more system flexibility. Benefits of that flexibility include the ability to integrate any controllable switching product thanks to a simple firmware update. In addition, those who aren’t already using Massio can now take advantage of the company’s trade-in/trade-up scheme that allows integrators and end-users to trade-in legacy AMX or third party equipment, further reducing the cost of the solution.

Available in six-button and eight-button configurations, Massio ControlPads feature a built-in AMX controller that gives users the power to control and automate a room’s AV, lighting, HVAC and many devices and systems they want to manage, which now includes any AMX or third party switching product.  Available from December 2015, the FOC update allows Massio users to choose between NetLinx programming and AMX’s Rapid Project Maker (RPM) cloud-configuration tool.  A native NetLinx device, Massio ControlPads sit easily on the AMX Resource Management Suite (RMS) platform and, when using RPM configurator, can be fully integrated without any additional programming or coding.

The Massio ControlPads have been installed in meeting rooms and classrooms worldwide since their launch in 2014. Available in black or white, the sleek aesthetics that allow Massio ControlPads to blend seamlessly into any environment were inspired by AMX Modero X Series touch panels. Integrated PoE connectivity simplifies installation, eliminates the need for a separate power cable and makes Massio connected devices instantly manageable. Both models are also extremely easy to navigate, with simple, LED-backlit pushbuttons that glow blue to indicate activity. Massio 8-Button ControlPads also include a convenient rotary control knob with backlit level indicators to enable quick rotary adjustments of volume, lighting or other control aspects.

More Info:
Harman: www.harman.com
AMX Australia: www.amxaustralia.com.au


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