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8 February 2015

Sennheiser’s new evolution wireless D1 is a range of digital wireless microphone systems designed for novices: transmitters and receivers automatically pair and select suitable transmission frequencies, while multiple ew D1 systems can automatically coordinate themselves. The system operates in the 2.4GHz range, which is licence-free worldwide.


Sennheiser's ew D1 instrument system
Sennheiser’s ew D1 instrument system

“D1 instantly readies you for making music – and takes the complexity out of wireless,” says product manager Martin Fischer. “Basically, all that is needed is to switch the system on. The rest will happen automatically. In no time at all, you’re all set to start jamming – with all the levels right, and a stable wireless link.”

To co-exist with wi-fi, Bluetooth and other 2.4GHz systems, the ew D1 receiver continually scans the RF environment and will hop to another frequency if it detects any interference. Two channels are always available: besides the actual audio transmission channel, the system runs a redundant back-up channel, providing frequency and time diversity.

ew D1 employs the aptX Live codec for quality audio and dynamics for vocals, speech and instruments over the frequency range, with overall latency at 3.9ms. Audio effects at the user’s disposal via the menu control include a 7-band graphic equaliser, low-cut filter, automatic gain control and de-esser. The system comes with dynamic evolution microphone heads but can also be combined with condenser capsules from the series, available as accessories.

The transmitters can be powered by standard batteries or optional ‘accupacks’, which are rechargeable lithium-ion packs that recharge via USB or a docking charger. The systems can also be controlled by Apple or Android devices using a dedicated app.

ew D1 is available as a complete, ready-to-use system, or tailor-made by combining individual components. The series comprises vocal, instrument, headmic and lavalier systems, and will be available from March 2015.


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