28 October 2015

CDD range and DX.05 DX0.5-3D

The success of Martin Audio’s new CDD range has helped drive demand for the DX0.5 loudspeaker system management controller — so much so that DX0.5 has been the most popular controller this year for Martin Audio, with just a few months of sales under its belt.

Now, Martin Audio has announced updated software for the DX0.5, with v1.0.3 now available. This latest release adds the ability to create project files with a single file containing up to 24 presets, meaning users don’t have to load one at a time. Alternatively, it can be used to ‘back-up’ an entire unit, which is useful for any installer that wants to keep a record of default settings at a venue. The update package includes new SW installer, updated user guide and project files for CDD (to reinstall the factory defaults) as well as support for its portable loudspeaker range, Blackline+.

David Morbey, Martin Audio Product Manager, said, “CDD has taken the install market by storm, and the DX0.5 provides an affordable turnkey management system for the range, with this latest software release making life even easier for the installer. Extending its user friendliness to our Blackline+ range will further drive demand for this controller.”

The new software can be downloaded from https://martin-audio.com/software/software

More Info:
Martin Audio: www.martin-audio.com
Australian Distributor: www.tag.com.au


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