quinto marshall pov camera



16 February 2016

quinto marshall pov camera

Marshall Electronics has announced new additions to its range of miniature POV cameras. Widely used by Australian television stations and production companies, Marshall POV cameras offer broadcast picture quality within a small package size. Now, the new CV505 Mini Broadcast Camera and CV345 Compact Broadcast Cameras utilise next generation chip sets, with an audio input for capturing local sound at the camera level.

quinto marshall pov camera

The CV505 and CV645 utilise state-of-the-art 2.5 Megapixel sensors to captures sharp HD colour images at high-speeds with improved low light capability. The CV505 Mini Broadcast Camera is built around a 1/3” 2.5MP sensor, set in a 1.5-inch body with 3.7mm (interchangeable) lens. The CV345 Compact Broadcast Camera also features a 1/3” 2.5MP sensor, housed in a 2.5-inch body with CS/C lens mount and DC Auto-Iris. Both models offer flexibility in HD lens options to achieve a wide range of angle-of-view perspectives.

“These miniature POV cameras are proving to be extremely popular for a wide range of applications”, says Alan McIlwaine from Marshall’s local distributor, Quinto Communications. “And now, adding the option of embedded audio at the source, further extends the camera’s capabilities and offers more programme innovation options to Marshall users. The ability to capture sound at the camera level, such as chatter between professional athletes, the crack of a ball off the cricket bat, or the ping of a golf ball off the tee, expands the potential use of the Marshall POV cameras to a wide range of sporting and other activities.

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