kwanglim church with d&b v-seris straight shot



30 September 2015

kwanglim church with d&b v-seris straight shot

The Apgujung Kwanglim Church in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea, has recently obtained a d&b audiotechnik sound system. Jung Hawon, an elder of the church, was very thorough when determining which system to choose out of the three vying for the contract. The unanimous vote by a representation of the congregation fell to the V-Series system, augmented by some E8 loudspeakers and driven by the new 10D and 30D installation amplifiers.

kwanglim church with d&b v-seris angled shot

The Apugjung Kwanglim Church was designed to accommodate the sound from the huge organ that dominates the stage to this day. As a result, the space was very reverberant and provided low intelligibility for more contemporary styles of Christian worship. With the help of Kevin Kim from d&b Korea and Gert Sanner, d&b Regional Application Support and Education Manager, the challenging space was installed with the new products with outstanding outcomes. Sanner says, “Once all the measurements were acquired we went onto setting up ArrayProcessing on the 30D amplifier – for the first time ever. I have to say it sounded pretty special. The balcony that previously used to be a little loud at the front now featured a very even coverage and we achieved tonal balance in the whole auditorium.”

From Klanglim’s perspective, the new system was all they hoped for and more. The hope was to create a more immersive worship experience, regardless of worship styles. Hawon concludes, “I can honestly say that my expectations have been surpassed. The entire congregation, staff and ministers are very satisfied.”

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