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1 April 2014



Kramer Electronics has announced the VP-470 3G HD−SDI Digital Scaler.  The VP-470 is a digital scaler for SDI signals up to 3G HD−SDI resolution.  It up or down-scales SD, HD and 3G HD-SDI signals to one of 16 resolutions of up to 1080p @60Hz. The output of the VP-470 can be used to feed a production switcher, edit suite, or router in a television studio.  It can take the feed from a satellite receiver and scale it before it is sent out live over the air.  In production, it can scale camera feeds coming in from the field before ingesting the footage into a video server. The VP-470 has one SDI input and looping output for a local monitor on BNC connectors to accept an SD, HD or 3G SDI signal.  Its input automatically detects the incoming signal format.  Supported formats include SMPTE standards 259M (SDI), 292M (HD-SDI) and 424 M (3G HD-SDI). The VP−470 simultaneously outputs the scaled signal to two active outputs on BNC connectors. The VP-470 features an external 5V DC power source, making it suitable for field operation and it is housed in a compact Kramer MegaTOOLS enclosure.  The VP-470 is currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world.

Australian Distributor: Kramer Electronics Australia (07) 3806 4290 or www.krameraustralia.com.au


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