Issue 28

Kramer Control KC On-Prem, KT-208, KT-2010, KT-2015

Meet the sleek, intuitive new touchscreens, available in a variety of sizes.


3 May 2023

Deliver advanced and user-friendly control in any space, quickly and easily. A cloud-based, enterprise-class AV control platform with an on-premises option, Kramer Control transforms the control experience, end-to-end. Going beyond the traditional boundaries of AV, it enables control of any in-room AV and automation devices, from anywhere.

Set up and customise in-room experiences in minutes, with zero programming. Kramer Control Builder offers numerous space-specific templates, an intuitive drag and drop interface, and instant deployment across any number of identical spaces. With this flexible solution, you can control any AV and room-automation devices, and manage them via the cloud or locally.

The new KC Virtual Brains are packed with superior power for complete control of even the largest and most-complex spaces. With an advanced dashboard and a secured architecture option, Kramer Control empowers you to control any type of space or environment, regardless of size or complexity. 

Make controlling a space as easy and intuitive as using a smartphone. End-users can control AV and other in-room devices through a simple touch interface, which enables them to focus on their actual work instead of working to control the room.

With a rich library of control templates, intuitive drag and drop creation of the control interface, and instant deployment to multiple spaces make deploying and making changes to AV control a breeze — no programming needed. End-users can operate any room with ease, through the simple touch interface. Quite simply, this is control the way everyone wants it.

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Issue 28