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Extron Introduces ShareLink Pro ConferenceShare

Extron Introduces ShareLink Pro ConferenceShare for Wireless Teams or Zoom Meetings.


7 March 2024

As hybrid environments become more common, seamlessly integrating local room cameras and microphones into Unified Communications meetings has become imperative. ConferenceShare offers a solution by effortlessly sharing video and audio captured by in-room USB devices with Windows or macOS laptops during Teams or Zoom meetings. With ConferenceShare enabled on their laptop, users gain access to USB devices connected to the ShareLink Pro Wired and Wireless Presentation System, simplifying the process of incorporating in-room resources in remote meetings. Experience the convenience of wireless integration with ConferenceShare and ShareLink Pro, making in-room USB devices readily available for enhanced collaboration.

“We’re excited to introduce ConferenceShare, the latest innovation to our renowned ShareLink Pro Wireless Presentation Systems,” says Casey Hall, Chief Marketing Officer for Extron. “Empowering your ShareLink Pro systems, ConferenceShare seamlessly integrates local room cameras and microphones, bridging the gap between on-site and remote participants and fostering more engaging and productive meetings.”

ConferenceShare works in conjunction with ShareLink Pro software and ShareLink Pro 1100 and ShareLink Pro 500 units to not only share content from a user’s local computer, laptop, or mobile device to the room display, but also share video and audio from a local USB camera or microphone with remote participants using Teams or Zoom. It also supports integration with Microsoft 365 Calendar to streamline UC meeting connections. Adding ConferenceShare features to a ShareLink Pro system expands wireless sharing capabilities beyond the local room to any location via Teams or Zoom. ConferenceShare requires an Extron LinkLicense on the ShareLink Pro unit connected to the USB room devices.

For more information about ConferenceShare, click here.

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