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5 August 2014

VIA collage

Designed for the growing education, hospitality and corporate markets, Kramer’s new VIA Collage wireless collaboration device enables up to 256 users to connect and collaborate wirelessly from any mix of devices.

Meeting attendees can easily create and edit a common document using computers, tablets or phones and at any time, anyone connected to the VIA Collage can contribute to the document. An interactive whiteboard function allows multiple users to annotate, edit or highlight the current document or even a frame of video via their touch enabled devices. Any document created during a meeting, stored on the VIA Collage or residing on the device of anyone connected to the system, can also be saved instantly to the devices of all meeting participants.

It handles full motion video, streaming to VIA Collage through the application (rather than choppy 30fps from a user’s device), so even 1080p HD material plays smoothly at 60fps. The unit also has a HDMI input to allow the integration of an external video source, which can come from an existing infrastructure.

VIA Collage allows up to six presenter screens to be displayed on a single display device, and up to 12 can be shown simultaneously when two display devices are connected to the HDMI and Display Port outputs. The unit supports third party video conferencing applications such as Skype, Go To Meeting, Lync and WebEx.

Launched locally at Integrate, the device is the most full-featured product of its type, says Kramer Australia’s managing director John Ungerer.

“Our customers have told us that their meetings are becoming much less formal,” he says. “They are moving towards a more collaborative approach and want the ability to walk into a university or business environment with their devices and to join the conversation effortlessly. The VIA Collage enables them to do this. It will increase productivity, allow for immediate action and enhance communication between users. Ultimately, it will deliver a more efficient working process and what business doesn’t want that?”

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