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19 October 2014

Newly launched at PLASA London, Robert Juliat’s Merlin is a powerful and rugged followspot for the touring market. With a 2500W HMI lamp and a 3° to 12° beam range, Merlin covers both long and medium throw ranges with newly designed bodywork for durability and easy installation and maintenance.


Robert Juliat's Merlin launches at PLASA London.
Robert Juliat’s Merlin launches at PLASA London.

Designed as ”a rugged four-wheel drive” complement to the long-established French manufacturer’s range, Merlin is the result of lengthy consultation with rental companies, lighting designers and operators.

“Key to Merlin’s design concept is the delivery of a maximum zoom range with a powerful output using only two handles for easy zoom and focus change,” the company says in its media release. “Double condenser optics give an increased efficiency with a 4:1 ratio coefficient range that ensures both a wide and narrow beam can be achieved within one unit.

“Large arenas have popularised the thrust stage which brings performers closer to their audience amid the enormous open spaces. This places huge demands on followspot capability, yet Merlin’s incredible 3° to 12° beam spread can pick out a performer at the opposite end of the arena and follow their approach to the near side in a single sweep. No need to bring in a second followspot; no need to transport additional followspots or lens tubes. Equipment and transportation costs are reduced along with installation time – features that hold universal appeal for rental companies.”

An integrated flicker-free electronic power supply dispenses with the need for separate ballasts and flight cases, and plug and play installation is augmented by easy removal of the ballast for servicing. RJ’s new Eco Mode also enables a reduction in power consumption when Merlin is in stand-by mode, and can be automatic or manually activated or disabled completely.

Standard offerings include a gobo holder, fully closing iris, horizontal and vertical shutters and a progressive frost glass, alongside new features such as an improved dimmer shutter with feedback information, an easy-to-install followspot sight and a crew-pleasing USB connection for attaching a phone charger or reading light.

Merlin mixes a stainless steel housing with strong aluminium frames for strength, weather- and rust-resistance, with integral lifting points and a dedicated flightcase that stacks into touring trucks.


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