Biamp Devio SCX 4.7.0

New firmware release with AI Noise Reduction 2.0.


3 October 2023

Biamp has made available for download Devio SCX 4.7.0 firmware, which provides enhancements to the AI Noise Reduction feature, with upgraded AI Noise Reduction 2.0 in Biamp Launch on Devio SCX, and numerous additional updates and bug fixes.

Updates: Upgraded AI Noise Reduction in Biamp Launch. To make the most use of the new AI Noise Reduction algorithm a re-Launch is required after updating.

Resolved Firmware Issues:

  • Resolved issue where a Launched Devio SCX with multiple far-end audio sources could not hear each other.
  • Resolved issue where audio would corrupt on Devio SCX Rev.C processors when using more than 15 AVB streams.
  • Resolved issue where Devio SCX could take a long time to perform a factory reset.

Thanks to additional training of Biamp’s AI algorithm, vocal clarity is significantly increased while background noise is more effectively removed in large spaces. Take advantage of the latest Devio SCX firmware release to deliver an even higher level of Biamp’s renowned AI Noise Reduction functionality to your customers.

Biamp: biamp.com
Australian Distributor: jands.com.au


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