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Audinate Adds Data Media Encryption

Dante Media Encryption uses AES-256 encryption.


10 June 2024

Audinate has announced the addition of Dante Media Encryption to the evolving security features and benefits of the Dante platform. Dante Media Encryption protects the content of media flows using strong AES-256 encryption, safeguarding media from interception or unauthorized access.

Dante is a complete, easy-to-use AV-over-IP platform that is interoperable across more than 4,000 products from over 600 manufacturers, integrating best-in-class audio, video, control, and management features. This interoperability, combined with the ability to access and route AV signals anywhere in the world, makes Dante uniquely qualified to add end-to-end encryption between connected products.

Designed with security at its core, Dante offers device, network, and media-level protections for Pro AV manufacturers to integrate into their products and system solutions. The accelerating convergence of AV equipment and IT network technologies has increased the need for integrators and manufacturers to provide network protection for system users with security-conscious designs and adherence to emerging IoT (Internet-of-Things) network regulations.

Dante systems and endpoints implement a multilayer security architecture that provides unmatched threat and vulnerability protection to the network and connected devices. The multilayer security architecture provides a solid foundation for manufacturers and systems integrators to follow best practices when configuring Dante and their products to meet new regulations. The addition of Dante Media Encryption enables Pro AV equipment manufacturers to upgrade qualified Dante firmware and software in new or existing designs to support AES-256 encryption security policies on managed Dante networks.

“Dante Media Encryption is the only fully interoperable and manufacturer-agnostic solution for AV installations, providing a powerful tool to customers that must adhere to strict security and privacy mandates,” says Mark Gerrard, Group Product Manager, Audinate. “The introduction of Dante Media Encryption demonstrates Audinate’s ongoing industry leadership in the Pro AV industry.”

Dante Media Encryption capabilities are fully compatible between updated devices in managed Dante networks. Managed networks are fundamental to a secure AV-over-IP system, with Dante Director and Dante Domain Manager (DDM) providing secure access controls, network segmentation, policy management, and event logging as essential protections to an installation. Dante Media Encryption policy is configurable by the AV network administrator through an intuitive user interface on the Dante Director management platform. Dante Director also provides strong key management, including key rotation, for enrolled devices.

Dante product updates for Dante Media Encryption will be available for original equipment manufacturers to integrate with their products in the second half of this year.

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Issue 28