4 April 2014

Matrox VS4 Recorder


Responding to provide the top user-requested features, Matrox Video announced updates to VS4Recorder, a standalone multi-camera recording app bundled with Matrox VS4 quad HD capture cards. Release 3.0 for Matrox VS4 adds features to VS4Recorder including VS4Control for gang recording that lets live event producers capture an unlimited number of video sources simply by networking multiple VS4-enabled machines together in a master-slave configuration. Each VS4-based recording system captures up to four inputs to create files for use with popular editing apps from Adobe, Apple and Avid and for archiving. AVI files can be created using the high-quality Matrox MPEG 2 I-Frame codec. MOV QuickTime files can be created using DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO HD. VS4Recoder also functions as a multi-viewer, offering high video quality even when monitoring interlaced sources on progressive computer monitors. VS4Recorder also includes an H.264 codec with MOV or MP4 file wrapping, DirectShow filters, and event markers for Adobe Premiere.

Australian Distributor: New Magic Australia 03 9722 9700 or www.newmagic.com.au


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