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12 September 2014

Arri has expanded its Caster series of compact and tuneable LED fixtures with the LoCaster 2 Plus and BroadCaster 2 Plus. Both new models have more than 35 per cent increased light output compared with Caster 2, with the same form factor, appearance, 35W power draw, and the unique shadow quality of the range.

ARRI-LoCaster_BroadCaster small

The Casters emulate a single source resulting in a single shadow, so the series can be effectively ‘cut’ with a barndoor or flag (other LED fixtures with multiple LED ‘points’ produce multiple shadows, with colour variations that can create chromatic aberrations).

The LoCaster 2 Plus features an on-board controller with continuous CCT adjustment from 2600 – 6500K, full plus or minus green correction and continuous dimming from 0 to 100 per cent. Weighting 960g, it’s ideal for mobile applications and is available with a flexible lighting kit configuration with a selection of accessories. The BroadCaster 2 Plus incorporates a built-in DMX controller for versatility when lighting tight spots in small and medium-sized studios.

“On every Batman movie I’ve worked on, when you see the sparkle of light in Batman’s eyes, that’s me following him around with a LoCaster. I built a little snoot for the LoCaster with diffusion in front. Tuneability was key; to have a fixture that is so easily adjustable in colour and intensity, I can move around as the actors move and I can ride the dial for exposure. It’s a very handy little light that is an important tool for me to have in my box.”
– Cory Geryak, chief lighting technician, The Dark Knight.


The company has also released a portable addition to L-Series LED fresnels, offering greater mobility and a wider range of power classes for TV studios, with a compact size and low weight that makes it ideal for cramped location shoots and interview setups. Like the original L7, the new L5 offers the same light qualities as a traditional tungsten fresnel but with full CCT tuneability and colour selection, at half the weight and size.

ARRI-L5 small

Drawing 115W, the L5 is approximately 45 per cent brighter than a 300W tungsten fresnel, with a light output equivalent to a 450W tungsten fixture. It maintains many of the features of the L7 including tuneability from 2800 to 10,000K, green/magenta correction, hue selection, saturation control and onboard DMX. New features include a PowerCON power connector and on-board battery input. Like the L7 it comes in three versions: 5-C (colour), L5-TT (tungsten tuneable) and L5-DT (daylight tuneable) – while the L5-C is the most versatile in regards to colour tuneability, the L5-TT and L5-DT are 25 per cent brighter and still offer a select CCT tuning range. Hanging, pole-operated and stand-mount models are available.

Source: media release

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