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19 June 2014

Lone Worker Alarm

Lone Worker Alarm is a smartphone App utilising the capabilities of today’s mobile phones to automatically detect an emergency and broadcast an alarm. There are three Detection Modes, a panic button, an auto-activated “Man Down” alarm and an interval timer (“Dead Man Switch”). As the smartphone owner, you pre-configure the telephone numbers to be auto-dialled in an emergency. You choose how your emergency contacts are notified – phone call, SMS/text message or email, and before an alarm is sent, you are given the choice to cancel it, if the alarm proves false. Your emergency contacts receive your physical location data when they get your alarm and can open a map on their smartphones to pinpoint your position. The emergency service works wherever your smartphone gets a data signal, and your emergency contacts can be alerted when your battery needs re-charging – at the same time you are notified. Lone Worker Alarm is multi-platform supporting Apple iPhone, Android phone or Windows 8 phones.

Australian Distributor:LoneAlarm (02) 8197 7376 or sales@lonepersonalarm.com


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