17 June 2015



AKG’s new DMM8 U and DMM14 U reference digital microphone mixers are designed for large meeting rooms and conferencing applications, offering advanced DSP functionality, multiple routing options and versatility.

The DMM8 U and DMM14 U feature built-in DSP to ensure precise mixing of up to 80 and 140 channels respectively, by cascading up to 10 units. Stereo audio outputs and USB connections offer additional routing options for both models. Numerous DSP functions such as EQ filters, compressor/limiter, and routing make the mixers ideal for a variety of spoken word applications.

The models are also available as UL versions, which offer a LAN interface via Ethernet to enable control over large distances using, for instance, an AMX control system. With this functionality users have the flexibility to mount the mixer in a centralised tech room rather than a location near the venue, while retaining the ability to make adjustments.

Software further enables users to control all functions via AMX and Crestron products, or directly via a wi-fi router on Apple, Android and Windows devices. This gives users the freedom to mute unnecessary microphones and otherwise manage the discussion either automatically or manually.

The software and the UL versions will be available mid-year and will be followed by ULD versions, which integrate a sophisticated Dante chip. On these models, all ins are available as direct outs (ideal for broadcast applications), with all outs also available on the Dante stream. The DMM8 ULD provides 14 free assignable Dante outs, and the DMM14 ULD provides 22. In addition, four Dante streams can be used as inputs with both models.


  • Digital signal processing and sophisticated mixing algorithms for seamless mixing, resulting in high gain before feedback and crystal-clear voices
  • Two-channel USB (stereo) streaming In and Out for interfacing with IT networks
  • Six (12 with DMM14) programmable presets for fast, easy tailoring to different situations
  • 12-band graphic EQ on outputs for optimised loudspeaker tuning
  • Audio matrix routing of all inputs to all outputs for creating multiple mixes of multiple output combinations



AKG: www.akg.com


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