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Ingram Micro Collaborates with Meta Platforms, Inc.

Ingram Micro has announced a strategic alliance with Meta Platforms, Inc.


3 April 2024

Ingram Micro, a global leader in technology solutions, has announced a strategic alliance with Meta Platforms, Inc., the pioneering technology company formerly known as Facebook and developer behind revolutionary immersive technology. This collaboration will allow Ingram Micro’s resellers to assist customers in entering the virtual and augmented reality worlds, enabling them to discover immersive experiences that will help shape the future of work and learning.

As the demand for virtual reality (VR) continues to soar, Ingram Micro through its partnerships is offering cutting-edge solutions to businesses and consumers alike. By joining forces with Meta, Ingram Micro is poised to deliver VR experiences to a diverse range of industries, including gaming, education, healthcare, and enterprise.

Ingram Micro will leverage its vendor relationships, extensive distribution network, technical experience, and customer-focused approach to expand the availability of Meta’s VR products and services.

The collaboration will empower businesses and developers to create solutions that go beyond traditional boundaries, enabling businesses to embrace the future of work via remote collaboration, immersive training programs, virtual conferences, and interactive presentations. By integrating VR technology into everyday work processes, businesses can enhance creativity, foster collaboration, and increase productivity.

This strategic alliance will allow users an immersive experience, providing them with access to specialised content, advanced applications, and tailored services, catering to the evolving needs of VR in businesses.

Through this ecosystem of innovative solutions, the Meta and Ingram Micro collaboration will enable businesses to integrate virtual reality into their operations through the Meta Quest for Business platform. It allows administrators to manage their company’s Meta devices with the ability to view status updates, manage and control devices remotely through Meta Quest Device Manager or integrate with third-party MDM (mobile device management) providers such as Ivanti (formerly MobileIron), Microsoft Intune and VMware Workspace ONE to control Meta Quest devices for businesses of all sizes.

Ingram Micro’s Senior Vice President and Chief Country Executive, Tim Ament, highlights the company’s focus on innovation as a core value. “With technology trends changing rapidly and constantly, we identify emerging technologies and solutions to help partners cross-sell, upsell and expand into new markets. With the launch of Ingram Micro Xvantage™ this year in Australia and New Zealand, our customers and vendor partners will be able to search products, make and track orders, see their active credits, and track invoices, returns and claims through a single pane of glass. Our revolutionary platform ecosystem is designed to simplify the way we do business through a seamless and personalised experience.”

Meta is renowned for its immersive technology offerings, which include a range of VR headsets and accessories designed to deliver unparalleled immersive experiences. With Ingram Micro’s global reach and Meta’s immersive technology, the alliance is set to enable businesses to harness the full potential of virtual reality.

Christine Trodella, Meta’s VP of B2B Commercial Sales. “The groundbreaking advancements in mixed reality technologies enable users to learn through active hands-on experiences versus passive information absorption. This is a game-changer for learning & development, transforming the way users learn and retain new skills.”

According to the VR learning platform Talespin, training in VR is four-and-a-half times more effective than e-learning or classroom learning, and can lead to a 275 per cent increase in confidence on the job after training.

“The workplace is evolving rapidly, with new technologies enabling new ways of working, learning and creating,” said Ingram Micro’s Director, Advanced Solutions Group, Specialty and Commercial for Australia, Hope McGarry. “Our team at Ingram Micro is thrilled to lead this future of work transformation, bringing the potential of the metaverse and immersive VR technologies to individuals, businesses, and educational institutions across the region with our distribution platform.”


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