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28 May 2015


This week it’s been a real case of ‘do you want the good news or the bad news?’ at Hills. Of course, the bad news is Hills lost the Ampetronic agency to Jands. The good news is it’s going gangbusters with another hearing assist brand, Williams Sound. In fact, at the recent Williams Sound international awards event Hills landed the International Distributor of the Year Award. Head of Hills’ AV Practice Richard Neale said he was pleased that Hills hard work was acknowledged by Williams Sound. “Hills’ wide exposure in the hearing augmentation market and the AV team’s expertise has really helped to drive the uptake of Williams Sound products in Australia. Combined with good old fashioned hard work, we have been able to deliver great results here,” Richard Neale said.

Williams Sound products are used to meet accessibility requirements in public spaces and anywhere that background noise, room acoustics, or distance from the sound source presents a listening challenge. Williams Sound products are also used to help people hear in noisy factory tours and to help people hear the language they understand in conferences and meetings. The company designs and manufactures a full range of wireless communications products, incorporating FM, Infrared, Induction Loop, Digital, and WiFi technologies. Williams Sound products offer market-leading features like DSP, network control, Dante compatibility and mobile Apps.

More info

Williams Sound: www.williamssound.com

Hills SVL: www.hillssvl.com.au


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