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Biamp Parlé Conferencing Bars Earn Microsoft Teams Room Certification

Biamp has announced that its line of Parlé all-in-one video and audio conferencing bars are now certified for Microsoft Teams


13 December 2023

Biamp, a leading supplier of professional audiovisual solutions, announced that its line of Parlé all-in-one video and audio conferencing bars are now certified for Microsoft Teams.

The Parléä bars now certified for Microsoft Teams offer peace of mind and security to integrators, installers, information technology personnel, and end users, assuring them that the product is validated to work seamlessly within the rigorous standards of the Microsoft Teams unified communication (UC) platform and provide exceptional 4K video conferencing experiences in small-to-medium sized Teams Rooms. The Parlé family of conferencing bars includes the Parlé VBC 2500 video conferencing bar and the Parlé ABC 2500 audio conferencing bar, as well as the Parlé VBC 2500a and Parlé ABC 2500a conferencing bars that include a discrete output for Assistive Listening Systems.

As organizations worldwide coalesce around hybrid work environments, those organizations that adopt Microsoft Teams need effective conferencing tools that work effortlessly within their Teams Rooms,” said Joe Andrulis, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, Biamp. “The Microsoft Teams certification of our Parlé conferencing bars further expands our portfolio of Microsoft Teams certified solutions for small and medium spaces, ensuring that IT managers can easily and confidently implement extraordinary video conferencing solutions across their Teams Rooms, and that users can enjoy unparalleled audio and video performance in these spaces.”

The Parlé family of conferencing bars includes built-in Beamtracking microphones to actively track and intelligently mix conversations from around the room; smart loudspeakers for superior speech reproduction; and advanced signal processing with integrated echo cancellation and AI noise reduction—all within one plug-and-play package. The Parlé VBC 2500 and VBC 2500a also include a 4K camera with auto-framing to identify meeting participants and keep them in focus. For quick and easy startup across all four models, the Biamp Launch feature automatically deploys tuning software that analyzes and optimizes the acoustic performance of any room at the touch of button, delivering both a premium conferencing experience to users while offering significant time savings for installers and information technology professionals.

Parlé conferencing bars are highly flexible—including easy mounting to a display panel, installation on a wall, or placement on a tabletop—connecting to the Microsoft Teams Room with a single USB.

Information on the entire lineup of Parlé conferencing bars, along with the full Biamp product portfolio, is available at

To learn more about Microsoft Teams Room certification, or to contact a reseller for more information, please visit

Jands Australia: (02) 9582 0909


Biamp Website 


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